How can we migrate Magento 2 Admin panel configurations from one magento 2 project to another.

Lets say we did some configuration in DEV server and when you setup UAT server you will need to do the same configurations manually again. So i am looking to automate this process.

If i can get some way to extract the configurations of one server and updated the same in another.

Please suggest.

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You can check this table core_config_data table which has all settings related to admin configurations.

Export this table contains admin configuration from your DEV instance db and import in to your required environment.

Clear cache once you migrate the dump

php bin/magento cache:flush

Export core_config_data table from the DEV server and import it in the new UAT server.

And if you change your domain then change secure and unsecure base URL.

Clear cache: php bin/magento cache:clean

And check that all configurations are set in UAT server.


Guys thanks for your feedback.

I tried with another way to export the admin panel configurations and import them. It basically exports all or only the required configurations in app/etc/config.php and app/etc/env.php file.

We can then replace the config.php file to our other Magento instance and run the commands to import it.

See this link for Magento 2 export admin panel configurations

However, after importing the configurations in my second instance, I was not able to edit the configurations from the Default store. Either I need to be on the Main website or other store views.


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