1. Edit vendor/magento/data-migration-tool/etc/opensource-to-opensource/ for database config at old and new databases.
        <database host="localhost" name="old_database" user="old_user" password="PaSswOrD" />
        <database host="localhost" name="new_database" user="new_user" password="PaSswOrD" />
  1. My Old database has not prefix
  2. New database has prefix ovh_ (I've tried on change in settings file to ovh_ also). Also tried <dest_prefix>ovh_</dest_prefix>

  3. Execute magento migration tool

magento migrate:settings /home/tienda/tienda_develop/magento/vendor/magento/data-migration-tool/etc/opensource-to-opensource/ 

Get error:

[2019-11-05 16:27:15][INFO][mode: settings][stage: integrity check][step: Settings Step]: started
100% [============================] Remaining Time: < 1 sec
[2019-11-05 16:27:15][ERROR]: Integrity check failed due to "core_config_data" document does not exist in the destination resource
[NOTICE]: Please check if table names uses prefix, add it to your config.xml file
[2019-11-05 16:27:15][INFO][mode: settings][stage: integrity check][step: Stores Step]: started
100% [============================] Remaining Time: < 1 sec

I work over official manual

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Just had same problem correct settings would have been


make sure options does not still contain the default <dest_prefix /> if it does erase it

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