The merchant asks me to setup taxes automatically and he wants to sell products in all available countries.

Are there any extensions for this purpose?

How this problem usually solving?


There are paid solutions like taxjar


But nothing free. If free you will need to manage yourselves via admin. You can of course write code to auto import / export of rates. But again that's something you will have to manage.

  • Did you use taxjar extension? I reviewed it and looks like it sticks to the US-based merchants, am I wrong? – Dmitri Portenko Nov 4 at 13:06
  • Using it on UK based merchant – Dominic Xigen Nov 4 at 13:12
  • ok, thanks will take a look at it again. – Dmitri Portenko Nov 4 at 13:14
  • Dealing with tax is awful. If you ask too many questions you will get told to consult a local tax expert. Good luck. – Dominic Xigen Nov 4 at 13:17

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