I have 2 store views. One is in Chinese and another one is in English. After I import the product information programmatically. Only the store view in the Chinese could display the product detailed page. The store view in English gets 404. I found in url_rewrite table only Chinese store view have rewrite record like the following: enter image description here

store_id = 1 is the Chinese store view. but there is no record for the English store view whose store_id = 2.

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In Magento 2, SKUs must be set for each store view when you import individual product content for each store view. Thus, the correct Magento 2 approach looks as follows:

1111,,"Default name"
1111,et,"Translated name"
1111,ru,"Another translation"

For more details you can check this blog

You can also check out a module for an improved way of importing products to your store view.

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