I trying to add simple products and after associate these products in a configurable product, but some options of these products can't be exists.

So, I add options using EVA config and return id of options, but these options have type like






requires object type like


I don't understand how Magento can create options like this. See that they already exist inside objects like


I needed to associate my products with these options but I don't understand how I can do it.

Suppose the method works perfectly for the purpose of inserting options into the attributes and the option objects are returned from this call. Follow the code.

$options = $this->helper->setupAttributeOptions([
    "size" => $configurable["options"]["size"],
    "color" => $configurable["options"]["color"],
return ->
    "color" => [
        0 => [
            "label" => "Red",
            "option_object" => Magento\Eav\Api\Data\AttributeOptionInterface 
    "size" => [
        0 => [
            "label" => 40,
            "option_object" => Magento\Eav\Api\Data\AttributeOptionInterface 

I parse result and extract option_object inside an other simple array. Load my simple product by SKU using Magento\Catalog\Api\ProductRepositoryInterface and add options with this.


I try using $productRepository->save($product); but not have success.

Any idea.

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