I'm in development stage and I have a custom module that used to be showing up in the admin panel. Yesterday it suddenly stopped showing up in this panel. I don't see my custom module in app/etc/config.php, which sounds like it's not being built. I removed the custom module from my VSCode solution. Then I added it back in and ran from terminal, php bin/magento setup:upgrade When running this command it shows me all the modules its updating and mine is not listed.




 <?xml version="1.0"?>
<config xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:Module/etc/module.xsd">
<module name="Cellularisrael_Mobileplans" setup_version="1.0.0">
    <module name="Magento_Backend"/>
  • please add code of registration.php and module.xml – Waqar Ali Oct 29 '19 at 13:02
  • did you try to remove it in setup_module table as well? – fmsthird Oct 29 '19 at 13:24
  • No I did not. Can you please guide me as to the correct steps to take for that as I am new to Magento. Thank you – R.P. Oct 29 '19 at 13:34
  • I deleted it from this table but still not working. – R.P. Oct 29 '19 at 13:59

The solution to my issue ended up being related to the docker container that I was using to run my code. Something was being cached. When I restarted my computer and then restarted the container everything seemed to be working correctly and my module is showing up once again in the admin panel!

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