I would like to describe our problem with Google Analytics configuration. I have tried to find any solution here, in GA documentation and Google but nothing solves our problems.

Configured GA through System > Configuration > API Google

We asked Google to support why to have a huge difference between campaign statistics clicks and sessions/users on our page.

Answer - tracking code not installed properly on every subpage. Two options to select in the type of analytics,

  1. Google Analytics and Universal Analytics. If I choose the first option - page views from homepage not tracked,

  2. The second option - page views from category pages not tracked. (page source - missing tracking code on these pages)

I can put the tracking code directly in the head section on every page and disable this module but... I will lose GA core plugin functionality like tracking events - adding to cart, transaction, etc.

Please, give me some advice, how should I fix and configure it properly. Thanks a lot!

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