On a catalog of over 12 thousand products, I would have to insert about 500 products which are:

  • steel tables,
  • hoods tables
  • and other things in steel, which therefore have various sizes.

The logic is: Configurable Product -> Associated Products.

In choosing the super attribute, since it is impossible to insert an entry in the new super attribute for each variant since I would be with more than 5000 different values in that attribute I had thought to create this super attribute called: "model" and give it as values : Variant 1, Variant 2 etc.

Make a change to the block that prints the selection input so that it lacks the Label from the product name and not from the superattribute value

(Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_View_Type_Configurable::getJsonConfig)(otherwise it would be: "Variant N")

Is this an approach used ?

Do you have experience in similar cases?

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