Imagine you had a website, you are in the product page 1 (one kind of products, I will talk about umbrellas, for example) www.example.com/umbrella. Then you go to product page 2 (same type of product) (www.example.com/umbrella?p=2, but when you return to the page 1 of umbrellas, the URL changes and takes this format www.example.com/umbrella?p=1

Any help? How could I solve it. Thanks everyone

pd: I know I could solve it using .htaccess and then redirect those URL's to the canonical, but I will be pleased if you told me another way to solve it, cleanest, if could be possible without redirection, just modifying the URL (the website is new, there's no problems by modifying the URL's).

  • Well, from a seo perspective it should not matter because there is a canonical url. You could modify the page's phtml and if it is the first page you remove the parameter. – pontikos Nov 2 at 13:02

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