We have outsourced a Magento developer to migrate M1 website to M2, this process is going on since few months now, suddenly since few day my Website is loading super slow, I checked all aspects but nothing actually worked. The Ram usage is suddenly increased by a lot, I tried deleting that new website + its database but still no fix. I tried deleting all the m2_cl tables which are newly created because of the data migration tool, then my website worked smooth for some time and crashed, after restoring it back it was working fine for some time and then again back to the issue. If anyone know how can I remove M2_cl tables safely. This might fix the problem.


Be aware! _cl tables are NOT related to M1 to M2 migration, but to M2 reindex process.

See here an useful answer: Magento 2 Tables Being Created Ending in "_cl"


php bin/magento migrate:delta -a path to config.xml

once your incremental chnages done then run reindex command it will remove automatically

  • Can you pls explain me in detail, the steps and our free lancer developer who was working on this project has left us & I need to figure a way out to remove those tables. – Patrik Oct 24 at 11:31
  • you have run this command on server where your data migration tool is – Rutvee Sojitra Oct 24 at 11:32
  • I am restoring the new website folder which I deleted to check the website performance. Once its restored I need to check the data migration tool. – Patrik Oct 24 at 11:49

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