I have a Magento project and I am trying to implement unit testing in it.

For this I am using EcomDev.

I am following this Tutorial and did the prerequisites:

  1. install composer;
  2. create a composer.json file for installing PHPUnit and EcomDev module;
  3. setup PHPUnit by creating the phpunit.xml configuration file;
  4. create the bootstrap file for PHPUnit;

So, since I used composer for installing EcomDev (not modman).

And in the EcomDev official github repo, we have to run the following commands as mentioned:

php ecomdev-phpunit.php -a magento-config --db-name magento_test --base-url http://local.fresh.com/

And I get the following error:

Cannot find local.xml.phpunit file in app/etc directory⏎

What should I be doing in this case, as I can't find any information about adding local.xml.phpunit manually.

PS : I am using Magento 1.9


Running the following line before running the said line does the job for me:

php -f ecomdev-phpunit.php -- --action install

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