I've been through topics like this: Magento 2 change number of items per row

All of them claims, that if I wanna change my items row to display 4 instead of 5, then I would have to change in a file called _listings.less

Seems simple enough, but my issue appeared, when I discovered, that I am missing this file.

Actually my folder structure looks way different. I did a search all over my FTP to find the file, but it didn't find it.

I am missing the web-folder in /public_html/app/design/frontend/Outline/outline6/Magento_Catalog

I've been looking around, but it seems that I need to find this file to do it officially, and not in an unrecommended way.

How can I move on from here?

I appreciate your time.

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You can actually do that on the backend. You just need to navigate on the Category Page and update the Product per row!

Just go on Catalog -> Categories -> Select Categories you want -> Display Settings -> Product per row

Hope it helps!


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