I understand that Magento 2 if you enable MAP then the product price doesn't display on the frontend. I need both msrp and price to be displayed on the frontend, for product list page, product page so I'm looking to see if anyone has a solution for this. I can add a msrp and regular price in the admin. Can anyone advise me please? Many Thanks in Advance


Would there be any implications if I created a 'custom_msrp' attribute for the product msrp? I'm thinking I could do this and then use an if statement in the frontend to display the new attribute value if it was other than null.

Any thoughts? Thanks


I have this same question. I need to show MSRP AND my price for each product, then to use "special price" for sales on occasion.

Currently I can only make "price" show the MSRP, and have to use "special price" for my price, with no room for sales.

It seems a huge oversight to not have MSRP as an easy option.


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