I have various instances of Magento running and I have a discrepancy in the admin for 2 of them - on one order section when I go to ship an order I have an option to notify the customer and on the other I don't - please see attached screengrabs - can anyone advise?


With Email Option and without

enter image description here

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The Email copy of shipment checkbox can be disabled from configuration.
Looking in the template that renders that section you will see this:

      <?php if ($this->canSendShipmentEmail()): ?>
          <label class="normal" for="send_email"><?php echo Mage::helper('sales')->__('Email Copy of Shipment') ?></label>
          <input id="send_email" name="shipment[send_email]" value="1" type="checkbox" />
      <?php endif; ?>

This means that the checkbox is shown only if $this->canSendShipmentEmail() evaluates to true.
Going deeper on this you will see that the config path sales_email/shipment/enabled determines if it's allowed or not.

The value for that config path can be changed from System->Configuration->Sales Emails->Shipment->Enabled.
Set that to Yes and you will see the checkbox in your other website.

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