I want to have many sites with the same domain, for example, example.com/site1, example.com/site2, and so on...

This is what I've done by far:

1- Change base URL of the site for example.com/site1

2- Create a folder inside root/site1 and add index.php file on site1 folder.

3- Modify the index.php folder with the website code.

4- Create in Pub/site1 folder and again add index.php

I can access the page example.com/site1, but it has no styles or design, also if I click to any of the links it redirects me to example.com and throws 404 error.



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You can go to Stores -> Configuration -> General -> Web -> Add Store Code to Urls (select Yes). Delete cache and you will see your second store by code of store view


I found the solution.

In Stores>Configuration>(choose site, not default config)>web

I typed this

in Base URL for Static View Files: example.com/pub/static

in Base URL for User Media Files: example.com/pub/media

In addition I followed this answer:



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