I want to get a list of all attributes.

I know that domain.com/rest/V1/products/attributes/{{ATTRIBUTE_ID}}/options will grab an the attribute options, but how do i get a list of all attributes so I can know what all of the attribute_ids are?

(I don't really want to grab by attribute-set, I want all eav attributes, including all attributes that are not product attributes).

Edit: /rest/V1/products/attributes/?searchCriteria gets me close

Edit2: A quick look at /Magento/Eave/etc/webapi.xml is leaving me thinking this is not something that can be done out of the box.

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All Category Attributes


All Product Attributes


(Note: you will get attribute options within list API.no need to call for single attribute)

For Remaining you have to create custom there is no API for getting all EAV attributes


GET    /V1/eav/attribute-sets/list
GET    /V1/eav/attribute-sets/:attributeSetId

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