I have a problem with sending e-mail when tracking number is set. I've create an event observer sales_order_shipment_track_save_after which works fine, when i set manually the tracking information and click submit shipment. But tracking numbers are set by external system call baselinker. It puts datas directly to the DB, so no event is triggered. I also tried to use sales_order_shipment_save_after because the shipment is created but it also does not work. Does anyone have an idea how get email send when tracking number is set?
Thanks in advance for any help.


I have basically the same problem as you have, but I am at an earlier stage of the problem, I don't know which table should I fill to register the shipment from an external software. Could you give me a hint on that?

I hope after that I can pay you back the favour finding the way to send the tracking e-mail.

Thank you

  • Sorry, i did not see your answer. Did you do what you've try? – SebastianT 2 days ago

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