I'm using Magento 2.3, Here when create bulk action from product grid schedule not started and updated. I got solution for the above issue when I run this command above issue fixed. So I want to run this command or every minutes,

php bin/magento queue:consumers:start product_action_attribute.update --max-messages=20

Is there any way to run this command pro-grammatically from my controller?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Connect to your web server using ssh
  2. Locate your current PHP CLI path by run command:

    which php

On my ubuntu server, the output is:

  1. Open crontab setting by run command:

    crontab -e

The crontab is just like a text file, every line is a job will run with a schedule. For example:

The part 45 3 * * * is time schedule. That says the script will run at 3:45 every day. You can visit https://crontab.guru/ to learn about the time schedule, and set your own time.
  1. When you're done setting the cron, just hit ESC and wq to save your cron just like a text file.

Finally I got solution. Just I enabled cron_consumers_runner from app/etc/env.php. Default cron_consumers_runner is false, Just i changed true.

'cron_consumers_runner' => [ 'cron_run' => true, 'max_messages' => 10000, 'consumers' => [ ] ],

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