I looking for the migrate Product custom options records from magento 1.7 to magento 2.x I have have migrated all the data from magento 1.7 to magento 2.2.6, but custom options not showing.


Please check in the product editing page to see whether custom options are showing. If they are there but not on the front end, go checking the catalog_product_entity table. In this table, there is a has_option field, this field must be set to 1 in order for the custom options to show up

Let me know if this helps

  • I want to show custom options in order, invoice,Shipment and Credit memo in back-end and Front-end – Rajesh Hothi Oct 18 at 4:55
  • Then, please check the sales_order_item table to see if product_options collumn already has data or not. If yes: For Magento version < 2.2, it has to be one serialize string. For Magento version > 2.2, it's a json string – LitExtension Magento Migration Oct 18 at 8:10

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