There can be a lot of custom attributes for a product and some have very long values. Is there a way to filter the responses to include just one specific attribute_code value?

Note: this is not talking about filtering the Products returned, I have other criteria to filter the top level products, I just don't want to return the full custom_attributes array, but rather something like this in SQL SELECT * FROM custom_attributes WHERE attribute_code = 'some value'

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Figured out how to do this.

It seems Magento treats the custom_attributes collection properties (attribute_codes) as field names directly, so you can search by them and limit their results in the 'fieldslist by referring to theattribute_code` value directly.

Let's take a look at the following attribute_code within custom_attributes example:

   "attribute_code": "color",
   "value": "red"

To filter the products to include only those that have a custom_attribute of color = red, you can do this:


And further, to limit the collection of custom_attributes to only return the color custom attribute, include it in the list of fields, like this (specifically the custom_attributes[color] part, but showing it within the context of including some other fields as you normally would):


If you want more than one attribute, list them via a comma separated list, like so:


The only strange thing about this, is that it is wrapping the attribute_code within a higher level parent, 12 in this case...which I think is the Attribute Id.

"custom_attributes": {
   "12": {
            "attribute_code": "ship_length",
            "value": "11.0000"

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