I'm having a weird issue, all of a sudden our shipping outside of the country has ceased working.

"Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time."

I've been digging around and I saw earlier this year there was an issue with the Gateway URL being http://www.ups.com/using/services/rave/qcostcgi.cgi instead of https://www.ups.com/using/services/rave/qcostcgi.cgi so I fixed that (oddly enough it wasn't broken before to my knowledge)

Then I went into the logs and in the UPS shipping section to see if anything was out of the ordinary.

Just for a sanity check, Enabled for Checkout = Yes Allowed Methods = Ground Ship to Applicable Countries = All Allowed Countries

I'm wondering if anyone out there can provide me any advice on fixing this issue or where to look for more information on what would be causing the problem.

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