I'm using this recipe to deploy Magento 2 with Deployer.org.

It's not getting my changes.

For example the writable_dirs are set this wait:

set('writable_dirs', [

All those folder are being created with no content, no images.

Also, I tried to add a new task to restart PHP-FPM after deployment:

task('reload:php-fpm', function () {
    run('sudo /usr/sbin/service php7-fpm reload');

after('deploy', 'reload:php-fpm');

Even defining the most simple custom task:

task('test', function () {
    writeln('Hello world');

Nothing happening. Deployer is not taking any custom changes.



I set my documentRoot at Apache like:

DocumentRoot /path/to/magento/folder/current/

(This is neccesary according to the official documentation)

So, recipes are being deployed and read from:


Not from:


There are two solutions:

  • Customize the recipes located into releases folder (Not recommended)
  • Add your custom changes to /path/to/magento/folder/deployer.php. This way, we can be sure your deployment will be executed properly no matter what happen with your releases folder.

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