I am getting the following error while running the bin/magento setup:di:compile command using a linux VM(Laravel Homestead) in a windows host.

The directory "/var/www/projectname/generated/code/Composer/Console" cannot be deleted 
Warning! rmdir(/var/www/projectname/generated/code/Composer/Console): Text file busy

How do I fix it? I have tried changing the syslink option to copy in the di.xml (app/etc/di.xml) but the error is still there.

I am also getting a similar error while changing to the developer mode

The directory "/var/www/projectname/var/cache/mage--0" cannot be deleted 
Warning! rmdir(/var/www/projectname/var/cache/mage--0): Text file busy
  • Hi Sreejith, Did you resolve this issue, I am getting the same issue on host windows 10 and running ubuntu as guest os. I am running command setup:di:compile and getting same error "Text file busy". I think it's related to shared folder. If you have resolved it please tell me. Thanks – Lak-Solve-hay May 1 at 6:25
  • This problem happen when I was using Homestead on windows 10. It has something to do with the file permission of the auto generated code. I tried different methods, but none of it was successful so I moved the magento installation to a non shared folder in Homestead. – Sreejith Sasidharan May 1 at 9:33

I am having almost the same problem with host: Windows 7 and Guest: Ubuntu 19.10. Wordpress works OK but Magento has no CSS or Javascript and I can't decompile or deploy static content, I just get a load of errors like:

The Directory "/var/www/html/generated/..." cannot be deleted Warning!rmdir(var/www/html/generated/...): Text file busy

The closest guess I can make is that Windows is not allowing permissions on the files despite me giving them.

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