In magento 2.3.1, installed on aws lightsail using bitnami. I'm trying to disable tinymce from inserting <p> tags, and the solution that many agree with is


forced_root_block : '', /* <-- Add this setting */



But there are many setup.js files and none look like the standard setup.js file. I really want to apply this solution because

  1. I can't upgrade to newer version off magento, I have 50 extensions that will break
  2. I can't disable the wysiwyg, there are none technical users editing the site
  3. I believe this will work, when I used to create my own hand written CMSes, I used to face a similar problem and fix it like that.

The user hoangnm gave the right answer on my Reddit post, more testing is needed but it seems that the file I need to edit is


I added this option on line 206 and the problem seems, at first glance to be fixed, again more testing is needed to verify that.

    settings = {
        selector: '#' + this.getId(),
        theme: 'modern',
        'entity_encoding': 'raw',
        'convert_urls': false,
        'content_css': this.config.tinymce4['content_css'],
        'relative_urls': true,
        menubar: false,
        plugins: this.config.tinymce4.plugins,
        toolbar: this.config.tinymce4.toolbar,
        adapter: this,
        forced_root_block: '', /* <-- Add this setting */

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