I am working on Magento2, and I've to change my product description on every five minutes using the third-party API. Then I've 1laksh product in my Magento, so which approach is better to change the product description.


Create a new Magento Cron & get the product collection with some limit value(10), once the description getting updated. I'll be going to maintain a new field api_updated_time.

so it'll update the descriptions for the first 10 product and update the new field value.

In the second time Cron was running I am checking the time difference between the api_updated_time and Cron running time, based on that I am updating the next ten products.

The above is the right approach or else is there has any better method to accomplish the logic.

Kindly check and share your thoughts.

  • 1laksh product means ? – Ajwad Syed Oct 10 at 6:34

I think you are going right, you can improve it as:

Execute cron at each minute and set limit value() as per the number of products in collection so that in each cycle of 5 minute, all the products description gets updated.

Also note the time difference between job




If it is taking more than 60 seconds for each execution, try increasing limit value() and test.

  • Do you have any other approach for this process ? – senthil Oct 10 at 8:34
  • You want to change description on every 5 seconds or minutes ? – Ajwad Syed Oct 10 at 8:43
  • Every 5 Minutes – senthil Oct 10 at 9:28
  • Have you tried with mentioned approach.. what are the outcomes ? – Ajwad Syed Oct 10 at 9:30
  • No, I need one more approach, if it's better than the current I'll proceed with that or else i will continue my current approach – senthil Oct 10 at 11:26

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