I am updating the product name and it only affects the En store view I want to update product name for all store views and main website as well. see the sample code below

   $sku = 'E20630';
    $product = $this->getProductBySku($sku);
    if ($product) {
        $product->setName('New Name');
        $response = ['success' => 'ok', 'message' => 'product updated'];
        header('Content-Type: application/json');
        echo json_encode($response); exit;

For En store product name is changed enter image description here

For All Store Views, product name is not changed enter image description here


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It seems that your endpoint only points to the EN scope, your default view.

If you connect to endpoints /rest/V1/products the data is stored in the default store view. Write to the globale scope can be done with endpoints like this: /rest/all/V1/products. On the other hand you can use the "storeviewcode" to update specific views. For this task you can adapt your path in following way: /rest/{storeviewcode}/V1/products.

You will also find your answer in Thread Scope of Endpoints.


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