I am researching the most efficient themes for Magento 2 that will be reliable and supported hopefully for 4 to 5 years.

On our current Magento, theme bloat is a big issue. We have extensions for a mega menu, for banners, sliders, custom filters, zoom popups to name a few. So many of conflicting versions of jquery and each with their own css that is in excess of 15,000 lines.

Has any theme done extensive work on reducing css and other potential above the fold bloat? I will be looking at Alan Storms No Frills Magento 2 Layout but we will be wanting some frills, just some that approached with a lot of thought on efficiency.

I am somewhat intrigued by Wetpixel's pearl theme and am looking for a discussion on what makes a good theme under the hood for performance and reliability.

  • unfortunately there are no any perfect theme, even weltpixel sucks – MagenX Oct 9 '19 at 8:15

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