My magento cronjob is seamingly making troubles for me. I never noticed that before because as far as i can see no errors are reported.

I do not know about any other job sheduled but i know for a fact that the indexer did not run. The cron however prints out, ran all jobs by shedule. First of all my problem might be related to Indexers are not updated even when Cron is running. But i think there's more to it.

What i want to achieve is to run my crons once per hour. Do i really need more? Should i still run the cron every minute and adjust the cron groups behavior in the backend?

What i noticed so far, that my cron_schedule table contains a lot of jobs that are either missed or pending. Missed might stem from the issue described in the question linked above. And pending might be due to the fact that i have some jobs marked as running, however they are for sure not running anymore.

As far as the indexer_reindex_all_invalid job is concerned i have one running and several pending ones. The one running does not even have an ececuted_at date and is very old.

So i would somehow think that this scheduling table is corrupted. Could that be the reason? If so, how to fix that? And why is Magento silently corrupting and not able to recover its own table? After all it kind of fails silently in background which could cause a lot of trouble.


Okay i think just clearing the schedule did solve most of the problems. Any ideas why this has happened and did resolve in Magento being stuck? Furthermore what is the correct setup for the cron to run less often?

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