I have logging set to ON and have added the following to the index.php file

function fatal_handler() {
$error = error_get_last();
echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";

and I get output to the browser. But I get nothing to the log files.

I tested magento's logging by adding "Mage::log('checking log',null,'check.log',true);" to my view.phtml file and it creates that flie and writes a single line out to the file.

But the system.log and the exception .log are empty.

Any suggestion on what to look for would be greatly appreciated.

I've enabled and disabled logging in the admin back end - cleared the cache a million times.

PHP is v7.1 (was 7.2 but was getting depricated messages in core files) and is running as PHP-FPM

all cacheing is disabled as is compilation

I've deleted the system.log and exception.log files and they never get re-created by magento. I've recreated them manually 9as i read somewhere that they aren't created automatically.

var folder is 777 permissions to the user and group (not apache as it PHP-FPM), although i did try it as the apache user and that made no difference.

pulling my hair out!

  • i am seeing entries in the two log files now. I'm not sure what has changed so can't offer any explanation as to why it was happening. – grizlyadams Oct 16 at 18:35

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