I have added cart rule and its working properly, I need to exclude specific product from cart rule and others to go with cart rule.

EX: sku1 need to exclude from cart rule.

1.Only "sku1" in the cart - No need to add cart rule.

2.Other products only (no sku1 product) - Need to add cart rule

3.Sku1 and other products - Add cart rule only to other products price value, exclude sku1.

please give some ideas to handle condition and action options.


Use below process for this

Make sku as Use for Promo Rule Conditions from attribute

Now add actions as below in cart price rule under "Actions" Section

enter image description here

It works for you. please accept answer if it works for you :-)

  • thanks @Hitesh Agrawal. this is fine. But if I added Other products + SKU1, discount rate goes wrong. – BathiyaD Oct 8 '19 at 4:41

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