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My question is regarding my Magento-2.3.2 website. When the product is added in cart, it shows sold out. Many times the customer's payment is failed and then also the product shows sold out.In that case, if the customer tries to make payment again, he cant (because it is sold out and not available anymore) and no one else too cant buy it. I cannot create multiple quantity as each product is unique. There is only 1 quantity that we can supply. No multiplicity of products possible. Earlier i worked with setting the quantity more but that is not a feasible solution. This makes the system manual. We need to manually adjust quantities and process the order and a single product may get sold twice if two people buy at the same time (or before we mark the 'sold out' manually) or if the same customer makes the quantity as '2 or more'. I wish that any number of people should be able to add products to the cart without affecting the inventory. The Product should get sold-out only when the payment is successful. (We do not provide Cash-on-delivery, so all payments are in advance, paypal/ccavenue). Can someone help?

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