We have a language select page which the user gets presented with when they first enter the site, we want to redirect the user to the "/home" CMS page when they select a language.

I know that $_lang->getCurrentUrl(); redirects to the current URL, and $_lang->getHomeUrl(); redirects to the home page (which is currently this language select page) how can we get it to do the following $_lang->getPageUrl("home"); as this snippet doesn't do the job.

Cheers, C.


Try this one:


If you want the secure url, you can get

$_lang->getBaseUrl('link', true).'home';

Or you can try this one:

$_lang->getUrl('', array('_direct'=>'home'))

This way you have the ___store param in GET and this ensures you get on the right website no mater how you configured your store urls.

  • Brilliant perfect solution with the update. Thank you – Caius Eugene Apr 11 '13 at 8:17

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