I want to change attribute position based on category page means want to change custom position

here I have list of attribute

size, color, amps, phase

for example in category1 I want show color second number and size forth number in layed navigation in category2 I want show color third number and size second number in navigation

I found code in vendor but no idea how to change it position based on above


in this file have a function

public function getFilters(\Magento\Catalog\Model\Layer $layer)
    if (!count($this->filters)) {
        $this->filters = [
            $this->objectManager->create($this->filterTypes[self::CATEGORY_FILTER], ['layer' => $layer]),
        foreach ($this->filterableAttributes->getList() as $attribute) {
            $this->filters[] = $this->createAttributeFilter($attribute, $layer);
    return $this->filters;

Thanks in advance.

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