I have been searching for SEO tutorials and recommendations. My website is found just with one keyword, if I type subdomain domain the site is found, otherwise it's not. If I type a specific product name, or just domain or subdomain, it's not found.

I have done these methods:

1- Add robots.txt and disallow specific folders. 2- Add meta keymetakey words, meta titles, and meta descriptions to categories, products, and pages. 3- Generate sitemap.xml on Magento (I changed all URL to https) 4- Configure google search console and validate the website. 5- Enabled some options on Catalog/Search optimization.


I have realized that just the home page is being found, I always need to type domain product for finding the site. How can I find categories pages or product pages? So I can enhance the search of the website.

Please help greetings!

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