i have tried to reset password from mysql cli. myqueri is for that UPDATE admin_user SET password = CONCAT(SHA2('12345678admin', 256), ':12345678:1') WHERE username = '*****'

  • after update password i am not able to login admin backend in magento2 Oct 3, 2019 at 9:30
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Step 1: SQL query

NewPassword with the new password, and replace both occurrences of xxxxxxxx with any random character sequence:

UPDATE admin_user SET `password` = CONCAT(SHA2('xxxxxxxxNewPassword', 256), ':xxxxxxxx:1') WHERE `username` = 'admin';

reference link: https://www.a2hosting.com/kb/installable-applications/optimization-and-configuration/magento1/resetting-the-magento-administrator-password

Step 2:

You can use Magento CLI to create new admin user with the following command, then you can go and change password of your original user.

<path_to_magento>/bin/magento admin:user:create --admin-user="admin" --admin-password="123123q" --admin-email="[email protected]" --admin-firstname="Admin" --admin-lastname="Admin"

reference link: How to reset lost admin password in Magento 2?

Hope this will help you.

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You can add a new user if you don't remember your password

php bin/magento admin:user:create --admin-user="your_name" --admin-password="your_pass" --admin-email="your_email" --admin-firstname="first_name" --admin-lastname="last_name"


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Magento 2 does not support reset password via command line cli. However, we can create a new admin account by cli, then use the new account to reset the old one. or update by phpmyadmin database direct query:

UPDATE admin_user SET `password` = CONCAT(SHA2('xxxxxxxxNewPassword', 256), ':xxxxxxxx:1') WHERE `username` = 'admin';

Magento supports out of the box password change via CLI. You should use the command to create an admin user, but enter details of existing user bin/magento admin:user:create

Then you should enter a new admin password. Pay attention. The email you enter should be the same as in the database, otherwise, you'll catch an exception.


Magento 2 doesn't support this out of the box. You can however download n98-magerun for magento 2.

Once installed, you will have a few new Magento CLI commands. One of these new commands will let you change the password for your admin user.

n98-magerun2.phar admin:user:change-password username password

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