While I installing magento, all scripts and skins are missing.enter image description here

If I check logs, I can see this problem:

[error] 6#6: *9 open() "/var/www/skin/install/default/default/favicon.ico" failed (13: Permission denied), client:, server: docker.test, request: "GET /skin/install/default/default/favicon.ico HTTP/1.1", host: "docker.test", referrer: "http://docker.test/index.php/install/"

How can I solve this issue?
I installing magento with dokcer-compose.yml (Nginx + MySQL + PHP7.2-fpm)

  • its permission issue. – Anas Mansuri Oct 3 at 8:45
  • Yes........................... – Roman Romanchuk Oct 3 at 12:37
  • How can I solve it? – Roman Romanchuk Oct 3 at 14:32
  • Now I solve this prible. In magento folder write "chmod -R 777 . ". This must help! – Roman Romanchuk Oct 4 at 11:57

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