Magento 2.2.8

I had 700k products in my store and about 500k were deleted like this:

delete from catalog_product_entity where entity_id = ...; 

That worked. Now I still have over 4.5 million rewrites in url_rewrite and many of them are related to the deleted products. I tried deleting them with delete from url_rewrite where entity_id = ...;, but this is taking forever because there are sometimes multiple rows for one product entity_id. Now I was thinking to maybe delete the whole content of url_rewrite and to reindex that table to only have to rewrites according to the 200k products that were not deleted.

In Magento 2 there is no url rewrite index, so I have to use a 3rd party extension I guess. Before trying that approach, I would like to know if it would work at all or if it would be faster.

Any experience here?

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