My SSH version is 5.4 but my server version is 7.1. i used composer install --ignore-platform-reqs to bypass the errors and install Magento 2.3 but now i want to install extensions using bin/magento setup:upgrade.... the error of SSH version of 5.4 is incompatible with it. i need to upgrade..


  1. is there any command i can add to 'bin/magento setup:upgrade' to bypass the errors
  2. what commands do i used to upgrade php version 5.4 to 7.1.

Remember I am on a shared hosting platform

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I later got it and worked great for me


  1. I found what I believe is a better solution. First, SSH into the server and run the following command: "whereis php". This will give you a list of all PHP versions installed. Find the one you want (i.e. /opt/php56/bin/php).

Next, find and open the file in your home directory called ".bashrc". Add the following line to the end of the document (without quotes): "alias php=/opt/php56/bin/php" (change the PHP path if you want a different version)

php: /usr/bin/php /usr/local/bin/php /usr/local/lib/php.ini /opt/php53/bin/php /opt/php54/bin/php /opt/php71/bin/php /opt/php52/bin/php /opt/php55/bin/php /opt/phpedge/bin/php /opt/phpstable/bin/php /opt/php70/bin/php /opt/php56/bin/php


place below both into .bashrc

User specific aliases and functions

alias php=/opt/php71/bin/php alias php='/opt/php71/bin/php'

and save

  1. use below to load profile

source ~/.bash_profile

  1. use

php-v to check new version

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