I have created a new shipping method module. I have to enable this method by the user-selected state. If the state of the selection is Gauteng I need this method to enabled or show. I have tried it using js in this file


My code below.

if (shippingAddress) {
    isSelected = shippingAddress.getKey() == this.address().getKey(); //eslint-disable-line eqeqeq
    if (shippingAddress.getKey() == this.address().getKey()) {
        // if(this.address().countryId == 'ZA')       
        // {      
        if (this.address().region != 'gauteng') {
            console.log(this.address().region, 'city');
            let tables = document.getElementById("table-checkout-shipping-method");
            let trs = document.getElementsByTagName("tr");
            $('.table-checkout-shipping-method tbody tr:nth-child(1)').css("display", "none");

            // }     


The console.log is working under the if statement but the jquery style function is not working.

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