I want to close the navigation menu when the click on outside the menu like body part how can i do that: i attach the code below

  • Please share the URL so that I can check the jQuery you've written is correct or not. – Sumit Sep 26 at 7:05
  • Code is in my local server @Sumit – Magento Sep 26 at 7:07
  • the added jQuery in the question is working fine? – Sumit Sep 26 at 7:08
  • I want to add when the user click on out side the menu bar, currently using above code there is one close button attach with menu bar but when i click on body it can not close – Magento Sep 26 at 7:09
  • OK, let me check. – Sumit Sep 26 at 7:11

Try Below solution

$(document).click(function(event) {
     if (jQuery(event.target).is(".mobile-bar-icon")) {
     } else if(jQuery(event.target).is(".mobile-bar-close") || !$(event.target).is(".mobile-bar-content")) {
  • Its work for me.. Thank you @Ranganathan – Magento Sep 26 at 7:37
  • Welcome...@Magento – Ranganathan Sep 26 at 8:32

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