I've been working with Magento for many years now and this has me completely baffled. I recently wanted to disable parameter memorization for the toolbar, which is a method of the toolbar class and (supposedly) easy to do in the layout update. However, it is not doing what I'd expect, can anyone help me understand this?

For any given category page on our site, the layout handles catalog_category_view and catalog_category_layered are included. I know this because I use a debugging extension that can show me the layout handles loaded for a page. This should mean that directives placed in EITHER handle will be added to the total page layout. Order matters, so there can be conflicts, but in this case, there are none.

What's happening is that if I put the directive in the _view layout handle it doesn't work. It ONLY works if I put it in the _layered handle. But all layout handles are combined into a full layout XML document that is then processed. With the exception of layout conflicts, why would it be behaving this way?

  • Can you add the layout XML you used please? It may help to se if the core is doing something similar. – Ben Crook Sep 24 at 16:33

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