We're experiencing issues on our frontend, as new products being added to Magento are being overwritten by other items that are already online.

We add items into Magento through a CSV which is run from our own database. This includes all information for the item e.g. content, photo, price, stock, SKU code and the products categories. The issue we have at the moment is that when new products are added online, some of these are being replaced by the details on another product which already exists online.

For example, if we had a selection of T-Shirts for sale, Red, Blue and Green already exist online, and we're adding the Yellow version to the site now. What we'd expect is 4 unique products all separated, but what seems to be happening is the details are being replaced. In this example, online the customer would see Red, Red, Blue and Green.

In the backend each product is unique and they display separately, when we check the category found in Catalog > Category > T-Shirts for example where they should all be categorised to, all 4 items are there and all are unique. However, when you click on either of the Red products on the store front, both take you to the actual Red T-Shirt page and not the missing Yellow one. The product title, price, photo and URL link are being replaced by another item that already exists. This can't be replicated on every machine, and sometimes with each reload duplicates different items using Ctrl+F5.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, or know what may be causing the problems? We have already looked to see if it's a cache issue but nothing has come up so far.

We're on Version 2.2.9 at the moment, but this issue has happened to us on previous versions. All products are created as Simple Products.

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