I'm attempting to take the test for the Magento Certified Developer.

I wonder if the appropriate responses given to each address are dependable?

Since when I resulted in these present circumstances question today,

For an attribute to be loaded on a catalog/product object, which two of the following conditions must be satisfied? (Choose two) A. The eav_attribute table must contain a row defining the attribute's properties and its entity type.

B. The attribute must have a backend model configured in the XML config.

C. The attribute must be part of the attribute set pertaining to the object being loaded.

D. There must be a record of the attribute on the catalog_product_super_atti:ibute table.

E. There must be a column added to the catalog_product_entity table.

Answer: A , C

I am little Bit Confused Can I Someone tell about A , C

Source Link: https://www.certsbuzz.com/magento-certified-developer-questions-bank

  • Yes, Its right answer to A and C Sep 20, 2019 at 13:25

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A says that the attribute must exist in the database.

C says that the attribute must be part of the product's attribute set.

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