I had a lot of problems with the Export and Import of Products through a CSV file.

My main issue is that in Germany MS Excel generally uses ";" as a delimiter instead of ",". I tried a few work arounds, but in the end now I changed Mangeto's delimiter settings so I export and import with ";" as delimiter, now the CSV file is beeing correctly displayed in MS Excel. 1. Question: What do you think about that?

A lot of products use the "Ø"-sign for the diameter of our round carpets in the shop, yes we sell carpets by the way. I got the error "sku is not defined" for around 200/500 rows, I found out that this issue is due to the "Ø", because when I replaced this sign, everything worked fine. The strange thing about that is, that I am pretty sure, well 99,9% sure, the import of products with "Ø" in the name worked before. It may be that I had different System settings for Windows and maybe different coding settings in MS Excel, everything got a little bit confused and changed, maybe that is the reason. 1. Question: Do you know if it is possibe for me to import with special characters like "Ø" and if yes, how? Btw I use "alt" + "0216" (German keyboard) for this sign.


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Look into UTF-8 Encoding

You should be able upon saving the MS Excel doc to use , instead of ; without any repercussions. I believe you can also provide an escape sequence or text delimiter such as " to allow for either , or ; in context without it being treated as a delimiter.

Hope this helps!

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