I want to use gift card rest API link attached, which is default API available for add giftcard to cart.

POST ​ /V1​/carts​/mine​/giftCards


  "giftCardAccountData": {
    "gift_cards": [
    "gift_cards_amount": 0,
    "base_gift_cards_amount": 0,
    "gift_cards_amount_used": 0,
    "base_gift_cards_amount_used": 0,
    "extension_attributes": {}

Here I think 'string' is Gift Card Code. I am using gift code from table "magento_giftcardaccount_pool".

Tried with status 0 and 1 but always postman shows error

"message": "The gift card code couldn't be added. Verify your information and try again."

How can we test the API ?

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