I've looked at a few extensions out there but most are overkill or don't quite fit.

Keen to create a simple extension instead if someone wants to point the way.

  • Admin interface to easily add photos with title, caption, description
  • Page to display the gallery
  • Block to show a set number of images and slide through them (eg, 3 shown, 12 total, slide transition)

I think the module you described is not so simple at all as it may seem :) Not even considering the fact that nothing in Magento is simple ;) But if you like, you could, for example, start here: how to create custom extension for Magento.

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  • thanks (can't upvote yet), I'll look into doing it myself. – Jacob Dorman May 11 '13 at 5:02

Option 1: Paid Module

I have had great success with a module called Promo Banner Slider on Magento Connect made by a company called Involic. Many large Magento stores are using this for their home page hero graphics.

At $39.99 it's fairly inexpensive.

On Magento Connect:


Direct Link


To add to any page, add the widget in the CMS.

Option 2: DIY

If you want to DIY this, you can easily use the carousel from Twitter Bootstrap -


Here's a tutorial on how to roll it into a page:


To add to any page, use the above tutorial to add the correct markup to the page in the CMS that you desire to display the images on.

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  • Thanks, but not looking for a single image slider. Need a way to add photos with titles (and possibly descriptions) via admin and display multiple photos at a time with transitions. – Jacob Dorman May 11 '13 at 5:01
  • Hello some of your url not working please update your answers for those url – Murtuza Zabuawala Dec 13 '16 at 13:46

You can also check Altima Lookbook ($85) where you can have a bit more than just slider - there you can place multiple clickable tags per slide e.g. one tag on dress and one tag on shoes of the model.

If you are on budget you can check free version (with limited number of slides)

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