I have built a custom webapi endpoind with which a customer can get details of their personalised item.

    <route url="/V1/personalizations/get/:personalizationId" method="GET">
        <service class="Me\MyPersonalization\Api\PersonalizationRepositoryInterface" method="get"/>
            <resource ref="self"/>

This works great and I can retrieve individual Personalization Objects.

The problem is however, anyone can retrieve anyone elses row as there is no logic to check if the logged in user owns the row.

I can easily do something in the get() method to check....

if ($this->customerSession->getCustomerId() !== $personalization->getCustomerId()) {
    throw new LocalizedException(__("You are not allowed to do this"));

But I would need to repeat the logic for every method.

What is the correct way to do custom authentication on webapi?

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