I have tried Joreon Vermeulen's method https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6417394/how-to-add-a-3rd-party-library-to-magento to autoload classes but to no avail. Now in my custom autoloader I get the class 'SnsClient.php' but this does not help Magento get the path. I can hardcode it for this particular file but then SnsClient.php uses a file in another folder. Magento is giving can't find error. I understand that I have to only find a way to get these files path but I have zero ideas about it. Please help


You can put your classes in the lib folder but just make sure they follow the naming convention. Class_Name_Here maps to the file Class/Name/Here.php relative to the lib folder

  • Yup that is what I ended up doing, should have updated question. Thanks anyways. I just had to add this in my helper function: include_once 'aws-autoloader.php';use Aws\Sqs\SqsClient; to use SQS. Of course, I had to copy files to lib folder first. Asked a stupid question. – user Dec 2 '14 at 13:56

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