1. Originally Magento CE 2.2.6

  2. I have upgraded from Magento CE 2.2.6 to Magento CE 2.2.9

Procedure to reproduce this error

  1. Buy Simple Product that is tied to Configurable Products.
  2. Select the respective order from the order list.
  3. Click the Invoice button in the upper right corner of the order page.
  4. Create a shipping invoice at the same time on the invoices page.

Expected Results

  1. An invoice is created.
  2. Shipping invoice is created.
  3. Order Status is updated to "Complete"

Actual Results

  1. The invoice was not created.
  2. A shipping invoice was not created.
  3. The invoice page displays the error message "We cannot create an empty shipment.".

Results of the investigation

  1. Purchasing a Simple Product tied to a Configurable Product causes problems.
  2. If you purchase a Simple Product that is not tied to a Configurable Product, the process will succeed.
  3. This error does not depend on the payment method

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