I have installed amazon sales channel v2 for magento 2.3.2 store. Now when I try to click 'Connect to amazon store' from 'Setup Amazon Store' section,

I'm getting error 'Invalid security or form key. Please refresh the page.'

Actually clicking 'Connect to amazon store' opens new tab with url http://backend_admin/channel/amazon/account_settings_credentials_irp/merchant_id/1/key/random_key_value/ and it redirects to admin dashboard page with error message.

So I can't proceed to 'Listing Settings' and stuck at 'Store Integration'. I have checked network tab and at new tab its trying to GET url http://backend_adin/https:/index/index/gp/mws/registration/register.html%3Fid%3Dc2f35854....

I have made following changes-

max_input_vars = 200000   
max_input_time = 600  
max_execution_time = 3600  
Cleared the cache from var/cache directory.  
Cleared browser cache  

How to overcome this?

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